sony enters territory itunes has owned… until now?

Sony announced last week that its new Music Unlimited digital music service (powered by Qriocity) will launch in early 2011, entering an arena traditionally dominated by iTunes. The media is buzzing with the news, and reactions aren’t entirely in Sony’s … Continued

megatrax is in the swing of the season

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Now that the holiday season is winding down and Christmas trees are starting to line our nation’s curbs, you might be reviewing how you did this season and beginning to plan for next year. If you didn’t take advantage of … Continued

the latest from the aircast production blog

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While there is apparently no definitive answer on what the most recorded song to date is, the consensus seems to fall between 3 songs. They are “White Christmas”, “Yesterday” and “Amazing Grace”. Despite some disagreement which one of those may … Continued

another cable television contract dispute is in process in the northeast

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Time Warner and Sinclair Broadcasting are at odds in Maine and New Hampshire, and if they don’t resolve their differences by December 31, it could mean dropped channels for subscribers and challenge for advertisers. According to SeaCoastOnline: As of Monday, … Continued

5 questions with… shane fontayne

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This week we sat down with Marquee Music artist Shane Fontayne to talk about his background in music and the work he’s done with Megatrax. Megatrax: Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into music? … Continued

licensing notes from leisa korn for 12/20/2010

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With the winter chill in the air, you might find yourself thinking more and more about blankets. I’m thinking about blankets too, but primarily the kind that that we grant to our clients for the use of the various Megatrax … Continued

creating projects on

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Projects can be useful to save music and share with other people. As soon as you are logged in, you will be led to your Music Source search system. Click on the Manage Your Projects icon. Name your project and … Continued

what will “do not track” mean for advertisers?

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The FTC is considering some big changes to user privacy for the Internet, and if they go through, it could dramatically affect the advertising industry and the ways in which marketers and others have been gathering data related to their … Continued

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