comcast tests new technology

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Comcast cable is testing an alternative to set-top boxes that may well herald the next wave in cable technology. Reports Lisa Greim for PC World: Comcast is testing a system that would let users replace their set-top box with any … Continued

europe looks to overhaul copyright laws

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The European Commission is looking for a way to standardize copyright laws and licensing across the 27 nations in the EU, and this week they made their formal proposal. Reports Andrew Orlowski for The Register UK: The European Commission has … Continued

when did megatrax save your day?

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Myron Gigger made the video above to show how Megatrax saved his day. We’d love to know about a time Megatrax saved your day. When did you find exactly the right cue, cut, or promo? When did Megatrax’s selection come … Continued

hey, world! check us out… on wikipedia!

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Megatrax has arrived… On Wikipedia! Check us out at, and let us know what else you want to know about us! Like this:Like Loading…

connect with megatrax on linkedin!

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LinkedIn went public today, and the buzz around that certainly indicates that it’s the place to be for online networking with other professionals. Megatrax is there, and we’d love to connect with you. If you haven’t already, look for us … Continued

film score copyright infringement suit targets jay z

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Jay Z is no stranger to copyright law, having been on both sides of copyright disputes over the course of his career. He finds himself now, though, on the wrong end of a copyright infringement suit for illegally sampling the … Continued

copyright law upheaval in the uk makes news

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The Hargreaves Review of copyright will be published in the UK this week, and it’s up for debate what effect it will have on Britain’s creative industries. Says Rory Cellan-Jones for the BBC: The Hargreaves Review of copyright is published on … Continued

sales philosophy from megatrax’s chad huffman

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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My foray into sales was supposed to be brief at best. Something to keep me afloat while I found a “real job” as a journalist, something in public relations, or at worst writing … Continued

ascap makes news taking a stand for songwriters

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ASCAP awed lawmakers this week with a huge concert in Washington DC aimed towards making lawmakers aware of the people who make a living writing songs– and deserve to have their property protected. Says The Reliable Source for The Washington … Continued

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