megatrax helps radio pros excel in a tight economy

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MEGATRAX HELPS RADIO PROS EXCEL IN A TIGHT ECONOMY Production Music leaders to sponsor info session at NAB Radio Show AUGUST 31, 2011 – North Hollywood – Megatrax Production Music will be bringing the experts to the pros at September’s … Continued

demystifying the pros

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Having received royalties as a music publisher, a songwriter, as well as acted in a sales capacity to entities that pay licensing fees (to be distributed as royalties), I have witnessed the simple yet complicated payment and billing process of … Continued

new york ruling may open market for cloud-based music services

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(From BY KAT ASHARYA | WED AUG 24, 2011 11:53 AM A court ruling may pave the way for cloud-based music and storage services to expand their features, enabling Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music to compete more strongly against … Continued

where’s your mega t?

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Are you the proud owner of a Megatrax T-Shirt? We hope so! And we’d love to know where the Mega T’s are going & where they’re seeing the world & being seen by the world. Send us a pic of … Continued

legitimacy indicators for music used online?

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In response to the music licensing issues sweeping the UK, one governing body is suggesting indicators on music used online, which will alert visitors to whether or not the music has been licensed properly. Reports Dinah Greek for Computer Act!ve: … Continued

creativity, music and social media

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In this blog I have talked a number of times about creativity: how it works, and why it works. For this post I would like to point you in the direction of some amazing displays of creativity that merge the … Continued

an interview with beat bites’ j. scott g

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J Scott G, a platinum record-holding producer and DJ, has brought his golden touch to remixing Madonna’s work, contributing to the sound of the Twilight saga, and to the Beat Bites catalog. He took some time to catch up with … Continued

beavis and butt-head return with music content softened by licensing reality

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Beavis and Butt-Head are returning to MTV, but this time the scope of their commentary will broaden beyond music and music videos, due in large part to the woes faced when the original series was being licensed for DVD distribution. … Continued

the infinite jukebox

I am happy to report that I was one of those eager early adopters who camped outside my computer waiting for Spotify to launch in the U.S.  After requesting my “invitation”, I waited a few days to no avail until … Continued