robert navarro on megatrax’s “history of punk” and more

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One of the stars on the “History of Punk” CD is Robert Navarro. In his official bio, it says: “Robert Anthony Navarro was born in Manhattan, New York City. The son of a Latin entertainer and a Playboy Bunny, the … Continued

and so it ends…

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2011 is coughing and wheezing its way to its demise, with only a few days left before 2012 is birthed and gets its life underway. It is a perfect time for a bit of reflection on the ending year. I … Continued

jc dwyer talks “history of punk”

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JC Dwyer, Co-Founder, CCO and Executive Producer of Megatrax Production Music, created a unique CD tracking the evolution of punk music through 20 original tracks evoking punk of the 1970s to the recent punk revival. “History of Punk” from The … Continued

megatrax welcomes cary ginell as new publishing administrator

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Megatrax Production Music is delighted to announce the addition of Cary Ginell, author of the award-winning book Hot Jazz for Sale: Hollywood’s Jazz Man Record Shop, to its publishing team. Ginell, whose background includes copyright research and song placement for … Continued

megatrax explores the history of punk with jonny wickersham and rich mouser

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We’re ringing out 2011 & ringing in 2012 with a celebration of our History of Punk release for The Scene. Check out our blog every Wednesday for the next few weeks to see interviews with some punk all stars. The … Continued

some christmas song trivia

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One doesn’t have to stray too far during the holiday season to hear what have become song standards.  Be it in your car, on television or radio, invariably a relatively (and surprisingly) small list of songs will be in the … Continued

spotify takes music licensing into new territory

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Spotify may have opened the door to a new era in music licensing and a broader profit model for several industries. Bas Grasmayer reports for TechDirt: Recently Spotify launched its app platform, a significant step into a future where music licensing can … Continued

the soundtrack of our lives- in the cloud

Over the last few weeks, three tech titans almost concurrently launched major new music initiatives: Apple announced iTunes Match, Google launched Google Music, and Amazon unveiled its Cloud Drive. While these services may differ in terms of specific features and … Continued