SONGSTUFF by Cary Ginell: Songs for the 2012 Presidential Campaign

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As the 2012 presidential campaign drones on, I thought it might be appropriate to fully explore a subject that Randy Hart broached in a recent blog titled “Music and Political Elections.” As of now, most of America has yet to … Continued

notes from sxsw 2012

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This year’s SXSW was the usual exhilarating, exhausting experience filled with great music, from exciting new finds to familiar faces. I had fun saying hello to some of our wonderful clients at several interesting panels (the panel in the slideshow … Continued

ogilvy notes & huffington post bring you the panels of sxsw 2012

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The Huffington Post has compiled a series of amazing panel-at-a-glance illustrations created by the Ogilvy advertising agency at SWSX this year. The “Future of Music” panel illustration (part of which is featured here) is especially good. See a short piece … Continued

a simple suggestion to a happier life

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“Under commit, over deliver!” Do this and your life will change for the better. Period. When asked how soon you can complete a project, answer with a promise to deliver at least two days after you know you can. Then … Continued

the sound of a new network

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Aircast Custom Music just completed the final mixes for the launch of a 24/7 news network based in Caracas, Venezuela called, Telesur.  It was one of the more comprehensive projects we have undertaken with about 50 individual elements created. One … Continued

sound adventures, bordeaux, and the nature of perception

Not many library catalogs these days can boast that they feature the Vienna Boys Choir and players from the Vienna Symphonic. Yes this is all true for  Sound Adventures, our newest catalog which was launched last week. Four years in … Continued

megatrax launches sound adventures catalog

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Eleventh catalog offers “Cinematic Music” from Timo Spekkens and Thomas Zbornik March 8, 2012 – North Hollywood – Megatrax has added another dimension to its production music offerings with the launch of Sound Adventures from producers Timo Spekkens and Thomas Zbornik. … Continued

now’s the perfect time for investors to target music

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Here’s an excerpt from a great article from the Financial Times- see the rest via the link at the bottom. The days when record companies physically manufactured vinyl are long gone but A&R – Artists & Repertoire, the almost mythical … Continued

licensing notes from leisa korn for march 5, 2012: civility edition

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I find myself at a loss for words about my usual licensing lessons and instead feel a deep need to convey my thoughts on civility. ci·vil·i·ty/səˈvilitē/ Noun: 1. Formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech. 2. Polite remarks used … Continued