Why Music?

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Some things are easy to understand, and some are not. The taste of ice cream, or the feeling of sunshine on my face, those things are easy to understand. Here is one that, to me, is not. Why does music, … Continued

Social Media – The Fall of Facebook?

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Less than a one hour into the second day of trading of Facebook, 88 million shares had changed hands – at a 12% decline in value from the day before. Speculation abounds as to what the future of Facebook will … Continued

SONGSTUFF by Cary Ginell: The Beginnings of Political Songs in America, Part 2

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During the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, the tradition of political songs in American life became firmly established. Much of the focus of this musical expression centered on General George Washington, a heroic figure even during his lifetime. … Continued

Whatever Happened to Instrumental Hits?

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Dateline: Free Radio Interesting phenomenon – When was the last time there was an instrumental hit song on the radio? Not Pandora or XM, but free radio? Am I missing something? (Please don’t tell me there have been hits recently … Continued

Licensing Notes from Leisa Korn for 5-14-2012: Entitlement Part 2

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Last month as we were all beginning to enjoy the beauty that Spring provides, I jumped on my soapbox and tackled the topic of entitlement. I received several notes confirming the perils of this behavior along with a few humorous … Continued

Keeping up with Aircast Custom Music

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Aircast Custom Music, Megatrax’s custom music division, is constantly creating unique music solutions for a broad range of clients. You can check out a gallery of Aircast work on the Aircast YouTube Channel, YouTube.com/AircastCSD, and here’s a recent montage of … Continued

Megatrax and the PMA

Let’s face it- there are lots of different business models in the production music world these days. There are companies that sell music as a buyout, companies that retitle music on a non-exclusive basis, companies that give away music for … Continued

Take a video tour of the new Megatrax.com

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Have you checked out the new Megatrax.com & its innovative search features? Here is a handy video tour to introduce you to the new site! Visit our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/MegatraxMusic for more videos & tours! Like this:Like Loading…