The Ten Greatest, Defining Moments in Recent Music History

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What I am about to write is the perfect way to lose friends and become completely irrelevant (to re-write the title of Dale Carnegie’s iconic self-help book). But I invite this possibility and even seek it out. I am stepping … Continued

SONGSTUFF by Cary Ginell- Music at political rallies: What to choose and where? (Part 2)

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Last time, we discussed the proper licensing of a venue where a political rally is to be held. Now that you’ve cleared your location, you are left with the weighty decision as to what kind of music to use that … Continued

SONGSTUFF by Cary Ginell: Music at political rallies- What to choose and where? (Part 1)

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So you’ve been hired to work as an advance person on a candidate’s political campaign. One of your assignments is to select a venue and provide music to precede the event, to announce the candidate’s appearance, and to accompany the … Continued

Licensing Notes from Leisa Korn for 7-16-2012: Rudeness Edition

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As we experience the dog days of summer and finally begin to accept the effects of global warming, it seems that heat and humidity are taking their toll on our tempers. Several years ago I decided I wanted to know … Continued

Ephemeral Use and Production Music: Just the Facts

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Appointment Listening

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My audio engineer recently rebuilt his mix room where I frequently work with him to complete the myriad of Aircast‘s productions. His new room was designed by a well known studio designer who transformed the entertainment room into a formidable … Continued

Celebrate Independence this July with Megatrax!

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July is a big month for independence. In addition to the French celebration of the birth of their modern nation on July 14 and the United States’ celebration of independence on July 4, the following nations celebrate independence in July: … Continued