Bring Drama to Trailers, Promos & More With Cinematic Soundscapes 2 & 3

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Cinematic Soundscape 2 (MX306) and Cinematic Soundscape 3 (MX307) offer a variety of swells, risers and grooves, stutters, hits and drones that will enhance your trailer or promo—or just bring the drama to your next project.   Executive producer (and … Continued

New Releases from Scorched Score!

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For the first time since 2012, we have three new volumes in the Scorched Score catalog, and to celebrate, the whole catalog’s look has gotten a makeover. Go to today to check out SCR004, 005 and 006, or click … Continued

Ragtime, Saloon, Boogie, Blues & Broadway: Belly up to the bar for Vintage Piano Styles!

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Megatrax’s newest release, Vintage Piano Styles (MX304), started as a response to client requests for Western saloon piano tracks. Once he got started, though, executive producer Ron Mendelsohn couldn’t just stop there. By the time this volume was complete, it … Continued

Winter Holiday Party Playlist: Now Available on YouTube!

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We’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your winter holiday party, whether it’s Christmas at home, Christmas at the office, Hanukkah with friends or family, or a mix of all. Check out the four videos we’ve created, each of which features … Continued

Music Licensing 101: When is a license required?

Recently a friend asked me if she could use a commercial song in a video without obtaining a license. Since there are many common misunderstandings related to this question, I decided to turn my response to her into a blog … Continued

Is it too early for Christmas Music? (Of course not!!)

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Here’s the soundtrack for your Christmas party! Nearly 90 minutes of new and traditional Christmas music, set to festive photos that will put you in the holiday spirit. Start playing this video now, and keep it on a loop until … Continued

Let Megatrax Merry Your Christmas… With Sweet Prizes!

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Whether you’re looking for help with your holiday shopping or wishing for treats for yourself, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below to enter Megatrax’s Christmas promotion, and you could win a pair of Beats by Dre “upbeats” earbuds, … Continued

It’s Beginning to Sound A Lot Like Christmas

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Though the main centers for broadcast production continue to be L.A. and New York, my world has been based in Nashville for a while now. Having been involved with music projects of many shapes and sizes, respect for my colleagues’ … Continued

Quick Reference Guide to Music Rights & Royalties

Ask 10 people to explain music rights and the flow of music royalty payments, and you will get 10 different answers. This is because the current royalty structure is hopelessly archaic and convoluted, a patchwork of rights and assumptions conceived … Continued

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