Is it too early for Christmas Music? (Of course not!!)

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Here’s the soundtrack for your Christmas party! Nearly 90 minutes of new and traditional Christmas music, set to festive photos that will put you in the holiday spirit. Start playing this video now, and keep it on a loop until … Continued

Let Megatrax Merry Your Christmas… With Sweet Prizes!

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Whether you’re looking for help with your holiday shopping or wishing for treats for yourself, we’ve got you covered! Click the link below to enter Megatrax’s Christmas promotion, and you could win a pair of Beats by Dre “upbeats” earbuds, … Continued

It’s Beginning to Sound A Lot Like Christmas

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Though the main centers for broadcast production continue to be L.A. and New York, my world has been based in Nashville for a while now. Having been involved with music projects of many shapes and sizes, respect for my colleagues’ … Continued

Quick Reference Guide to Music Rights & Royalties

Ask 10 people to explain music rights and the flow of music royalty payments, and you will get 10 different answers. This is because the current royalty structure is hopelessly archaic and convoluted, a patchwork of rights and assumptions conceived … Continued

The Wonder Years & the Intricacy of Music Clearance

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The Wonder Years is perhaps the best recent example of how the intricacy of the music clearance process affects media distribution. Kudos to the folks at Time Life for making the investment (of time and money) to do the DVD … Continued

HyperLOCAL℠: A Small Step for Music. A Giant Leap for News Promotion

Regarding local news it has been said, “The same things happen every day, just to different people.” Case in point – a glance at six local TV station news reports today includes these storylines: Good Samaritan, Plane Crash, Flu Epidemic … Continued

Happy Days Are Here Again: Songs of the FDR Years

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An Elections-Themed Song Stuff by Cary Ginell The recent broadcast of Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts” PBS series has brought new attention to the lives and presidencies of cousins Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the aspects of FDR’s unprecedented … Continued

Song Bites 8: Radio-Ready Urban Sounds Ready to Rock You NOW

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Producer Christian Salyer knows what’s hot, and his latest entry in the Song Bites series for the Beat Bites catalog is so good, you won’t believe this isn’t a playlist of chart-topping radio hits. We caught up with Christian to … Continued

YOU ASKED FOR IT! Executive Producer Ron Mendelsohn Sounds Off on Megatrax’s Latest Client Request Album

The sixth installment in our You Asked For It! (YAFI) series just dropped on Featuring eclectic client requests ranging from TV sitcom styles to patriotic anthems, well known tunes, Russian marches, links, stingers and more, this album is inspired … Continued

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